The Collar Your Pet Will Ask For By Name


Measure loosely around your pampered pet's neck where you want the collar to lie.

collar length collar width
Small 8" - 12" 5/8" Lightweight Nylon
Medium 11" - 17" 3/4" or 1"
Large 15" - 25" 1"


leash leash width
small 5/8" Lightweight Nylon
medium 3/4"
large 1"

Leashes are 6 feet long and have matching decorative trim the full length of the leash.  Adjustable leashes have been fitted with a side release buckle to make the length adjustable.  This also allows you to walk your pet with the leash attached to your stroller or have a picnic with your pet tied safely to a tree or bench.   Each leash is finished off with a nickel plated hook.


Step-In Harness 5/8" in width. Adjusts to fit all dogs with a girth size between 13" - 20". They are made with lightweight nylon for the most comfort for your dog.

Sizing Chart

  Small Medium Large
Akita     X
Airedale   X  
Australian Shepherd   X  
Basset Hound     X
Beagle   X  
Bichon Frise X    
Border Collie   X  
Boston Terrier   X  
Boxer     X
Bulldog     X
Chihuahua X    
Chow Chow     X
Cocker Spaniel   X X
Collie     X
Corgi   X X
Dachshund   X  
Dalmatian     X
Doberman     X
German Shepherd     X
Golden Retriever     X
Great Dane     X
Labrador     X
Lhasa Apso   X  
Min Pincher X    
Maltese X    
New Foundland     X
Pit Bull     X
Poodle X X  
Pomeranian Pug X X  
Rottweiler     X
St. Bernard     X
Schnauzer   X  
Scottish Terrier X X  
Sharpei     X
Sheltie   X  
Shih Tzu   X  
Siberian Husky     X
Springer Spaniel   X X
Weimaraner     X
Westie X X  
Yorkie X    

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